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Our company service a contract manufacture to various partners in Europe. All our products registered and tested well in the UK market and it pass all the high standards laboratory results.

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 ProNex Pharma is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company and specializing in the development, production, and distribution of medicines. Our company is located in London, United Kingdom with partners all around Europe.

  • Analgesics

    An analgesic drug, also called simply an analgesic, analgaesic, pain reliever, or painkiller, is any member of the group of drugs used to achieve relief from pain.

  • Antiallergics

    used to prevent an allergic response : tending to relieve or control allergic symptoms

  • Diabetes Drugs

    Antidiabetic drugs are medicines developed to stabilize and control blood glucose levels amongst people with diabetes. Antidiabetic drugs are commonly used to manage diabetes.

  • Antibiotics

    Antibiotics are medicines that fight bacterial infections in people and animals. They work by killing the bacteria or by making it hard for the bacteria to grow and multiply.

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